Our beautiful girls, they all have their own adorable personalities and funny little things they do. Some of our girls have been purchased from top quality breeders and other lovely does we have bred our selves. In our breeding we hope to produce  Pygmy looking Goats , with cute dishy faces, short little legs, compact bodies with  fat bellies. As we are breeding quality pets, we strive for sweet personalities too.




Bouncing Hooves Little Miss Sunshine

Sunshine was one of our first bottle bubs and is a complete darling. She has recieved Champion at many shows.

Sire: Bouncing Hooves George Clooney

Dam: Patona Park Chelsea

DOB: 17/11/2010

 Grade: A

56.5 cm


Bouncing Hooves Juliette

Jules is a lovely tiny girl, she has a beautifuly shaped  body and head with a  a devine personality.

Sire: AUST CH Patona Park Echo

Dam: Patona Park Heidi

DOB: 4/9/2011

Grade:  Purebred

53 cm

Bouncing Hooves Link

Link is a lovely girl, she is our best adult doe and has done us very proud in the show ring. She has lovely conformation, sweet personality and has produced some AMAZING babies in her line such as Bouncing Hooves Whisper & Kawinkidink Paddington Bear.

Sire: AUST CH Patona Park Echo

Dam: Dakota Dolly

DOB: 4/8/2007

Grade: B


Kawinkidink Hop

Hop is a beautiful Doe, with great conformation, a lovely well rounded, compact body & pretty shaped face & earsHop has also produced some beautiful babies.

Sire: Harrison Park Mr Radar

Dam: Bucko Zippy

DOB: 23/10/11

Grade:  B



Kawinkidink Humbug

Sire: Bouncing Hooves Captain Jack Sparrow

Dam:Bouncing Hooves Bedazzled


A grade


Kawinkidink Forget Me Not

Such a little sweet heart

She would sit on your lap for cuddles all day long

Sire:Bouncing Hooves 007

Dam: Corinda Paris

DOB: 22/08/13

Bouncing Hooves Grande Finale

Finn is an AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL little girl

We can't thank Christine,Karyn & Simone enough for letting this young lady join us at Kawinkidink. If we have a paddock full of similar mini's running around our stud one day we will be very happy! : )

DOB : 9/12/2013

Sire: Aust Champ Patona Park Echo

Dam: Bouncing Hooves Elle Mcpherson

Potential Purebred

Kawinkidink Binky

Sire: Bouncing Hooves Captain Jack Sparrow

Dam: Harrison Park Miss Kia

DOB: 6/12/2012

Height : 54.5 cms  

A Grade

Kawinkidink Igam Ogam

Sire:Bouncing Hoovs Captain Jack Sparrow

Dam:Kazoo Penny


A grade


Bouncing Hoooves Peppa

Peppa is a real sweet heart & best buddies with Finn.

They are like two peas in a pod!

Thanks to Leticia & Christine for this wonderful little lady.

Sire: Aust Champ Patona Park Echo

Dam: Bouncing Hooves Lucy

DOB: 6/05/13

A grade