Mini or Pygmy goats don’t require a lot of space at least 1/4 of an acre in size & ideally 2 paddocks to rotate them in. The paddock needs to have  safe fencing such as pig wire or chicken wire. Beware goats are  curious creatures & will try to escape & go on an adventure if they can!

Also a shelter is needed in each paddock  like  a small garden shed or horse loose box or a large dog kennel big enough to keep them warm & dry

 with bedding like wood shavings or straw  It needs to be  cleaned regularily.

Mini & Pygmy goats are herd animals & need the company of another goat but will also bond with other friendly animals, Mini/ Pygmy goats want to be mates with all animals. We always recommend keeping at least 2 goats so please don't contact us if you just want one single goat. Mini goats need to be checked daily. Mini/Pygmy goats need their owners  to spend a few minutes every day

 feeding & playing with them to keep them friendly & healthy.

*Bottle bubs must be kept warm & cosy because they can beco,e very sick or even  die from the cold 

*Bottle bubs also need to be locked away at night for protection from preditors

Mini  or Pygmy goats should NOT be tethered without constant supervision


We don’t recommend tethering



Mini goats in addition to eating native grasses, shrubs and weeds due to their high mineral needs require some extra hard feed to stay in good health & worm free

They can be fed daily with much the same food you would feed a horse

With fresh water, chaff, pellets & grains.

The minis also need access to fresh grass hay every day for roughage

 Hay for roughage is very important!

We also  recommend popping mineral licks in the goat’s shelters to provide extra minerals they might need. They will last for months if kept dry.

Any change in their diet needs to happen gradually so your goats tummy doesn’t become upset.

There are a few plants that goats are allergic to so it is important to read up on them before you introduce a mini to your home.We  provide people with a list of common poisonous plants, with our care information



A general rule is to worm at the start of every season  & more frequently in summer if it’s a warm wet one.

We recommend  vaccinating mini/pygmy goats every 6 months



Mini goats are disbudded when they are only a few days old

Disbudding prevents a true horn from growing

Breeders choose to disbud their goats to make them safer for children to handle & so they can’t injure other animals& it reduces the chance of them getting stuck in fences.



About every 6 to 8 weeks your mini/pygmy goats feet should be trimmed

We can show you how to. 

Goat feet don’t like the wet & need to be looked after more frequently if their paddock is soggy.

Providing a shelter with a dry floor & some other play equipment, eg old tires, logs to climb on, will help to keep their feet healthy & it's fun to watch them play.