Our boys may be smelly but they are complete darlings, they will always come up to have a scratch & cuddle. We have bought some of our boys from quality breeders and others lovely boys we have bred ourselves. We hope to produce compact, barrel bodied boys with  short legs & pretty Dishy faces( Pygmy looking) Our  show winning boys with personalities & looks to die for.





Bouncing Hooves Captain Jack Sparrow

Jack hs the most beautiful personality and has wonderful conformation. He has attented many shows and has always got Champion (never been beaten).

Sire: Bouncing Hooves George Clooney

Dam: Bouncing Hooves Tyra Banks

DOB: 18/11/2010


Height Verified B grade

61.5 cm



Kawinkidink Paddington Bear

PB is the sweetest little man, he's a compact, tiny boy with great breeding. He has done well in the show ring, coming home with quite a few ribbons.

Sire:Bouncing Hooves 007

Dam: Bouncing Hooves Link

DOB: 9/8/2013

Height verified A grade



Photo coming soon 

Kawinkidink Gus Gus

75% Australian Pygmy 

Sire: AGS Miracle Valley Pygmies Mike (100%)

Dam: Trinity Winsome Pixie (50%)

DOB: 28/1/2016


Kawinkidink Mr Nobley 

50% Australian Pygmy 

Sire: AGS Miracle Valley Mike (100%)

Dam: Bouncing Hooves Bedazzled 

DOB: 8/2/2016

Kawinkidink Sir Bounce 

25% Australian Pygmy

Sire: Trinity Little Old Man

Dam: Kawinkidink Hop

DOB: 31/7/2015

FOR SALE - $500.00