In 2014 we were lucky enough to purchased our first 50% pygmy goats making us Foundation Australian Pygmy Goat Breeders. The bucks, Trinity Little Old Man & Trinity Captain America, were put to work asap with some of our beautiful MGBA registered does. The first 25% pygmy babies started to arrive in October 2014. The results have been amazing.

Since 2014 through careful selective breeding we are finding that more of the Pygmy characteristics we desire are coming through with the different ranges of Pygmy percentage from 12.5% to 75%. 

We have found thus far that looking out for percentage can only take you so far, it is selective breeding that produces desired characteristics in kids. 


We have two aims in our breeding, 

1.Produce goats that contain the comformation & height of the American Pygmy goats 

2.Use the Pygmy genetics to enhance the Australian miniature goat by producing cobby bodied, colourful little goats and lock in the tiny heights that are so hard to guarantee currently in the Australian Miniature goat

As always temperment is very important to us