Kawinidink Miniature Goat Stud is located in beautiful Lardner  in Victoria, about a one hour drive on the Monash Fwy, South East of Melbourne in West Gippsland.

We have been members  of the Miniature Goat Breeders Association of Australia for many years and activily involved in the association now filling State representitive rolls and in the past being  Victorian show manager and committee members  .

We love breeding  & getting our minis out there in the show ring.

We have purchased some beautiful  stock from a variety of Foundation Miniature goat breeders over the years and a are proud very to have produced some show winning , jaw dropping minis and Pygmies ourselves.


In our breeding we try to produce genetically  small, stocky, compact, short legged goats with nice barrelled bodies & distinctive dishy short faces ( Pygmy looking goats).

We're extremly excited to now also be breeding our own  AUSTRALIAN PYGMY GOATS. We have produced some outstanding goats with the Pygmy genetics. With the right pairing to our beautiful chunky Aussie Minis  we are seeing the makings of some beautiful new body types in our  tiny goats. We call them MYGMY


We bottle feed our kids and give them hours of attention which makes them super friendly and fantastic family pets.

 Miniature Goats and Pygmy Goats  are addictive little critters that win  peoples hearts over in seconds with their cute, curious, sweet personalities.

Their size  & easy manageability makes them perfect for people on small acreage as they do need some space to browse.

After one look at our Kawinkidink mini's you are sure to be as hooked on the little guys as we are :)